Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My House Story

It's official - I have a favorite neighborhood and it's the one I call my own - Murray Hill.

I have had a love/hate relationship with Murray Hill over the years and I am currently in love.  I bought my home in 2004.  It was my 29th birthday present to myself and we closed on my birthday.  At the time, it was super easy to buy a house.  Here's mine:

Not bad, right?  It's a cute bungalow that had tons of potential.  I planned to flip it for big money and move on up.  We all know how that story went.   My journey includes being underwater for a bit (luckily never too bad) and unable to sell.  I didn't like being stuck and started to dislike the neighborhood.  However, I have always loved that little house...I just dreamed of relocating it to a place where I had more family and friends - like the beach or even town center area.

Fast forward, the market improved and I got my chance to move on.  Couldn't do it.  Couldn't imagine leaving unless it would be to Riverside or Avondale to stay in the historic area I love.  And, I should love it, I grew up in Avondale as a child and I've always been a bit of an urbanite versus suburbanite.

I'll post more about Murray Hill and what I've seen in the area transformation...stay tuned.  I wanted to share this quick tidbit of how I landed here and show you my little gem #bungalowlife

Be well friends - thanks for reading.


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